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22 June, 2022

MBA Admissions Essay Question Types and How to Tackle Them

A few MBA essay questions have a way of capturing the imagination and heart of many applicants. Admissions committees believe that these questions provide the best insight into their applicants' thinking. There is a good chance that you may be asked to write an essay on at least one of these typical MBA essay topics. Here are some guidelines to help you come up with a winning response.

Describe your long-term professional goals and why you want to earn an MBA

This may be the most critical essay question you'll ever encounter. There are only a few slots available, and you need to prove your worth to the admissions committee. Show how this degree is a stepping stone to your future job goals by referencing your previous experience, abilities, and goals. Consider how this curriculum can help you attain your full potential.

A small set of objectives is acceptable. You should earn this degree to improve your knowledge and widen your horizons. If you want to be a CEO or start your own business, make sure you have a well-thought-out, practical plan.

Besides job or school, what are your main hobbies and interests? How do you like to spend your free time contributing to your community?

In business school, there's more than just the library. When a student body is talented and creative, and full of individuality, the most exemplary programs are alive with excitement. These kids are not simply about case studies and professions. Describe how you will make a distinctive addition to the business school community.

Business school is also a very social environment. Weekends are jam-packed with opportunities for socializing and immersion, and the contacts you make now will serve you well in the future. Make it clear that you care about other people and your work.

Who inspires you the most?

The admissions committee wants to hear what talents, attributes, and strengths you like in others and hope to incorporate them into your personality. Drive, discipline, and vision are excellent examples, but try to think beyond the box. Tell a story and give specific examples to back it up. Remember that if you pick a well-known person (which is OK), you could be just another name in the crowd. Instead, think of a present boss, business associate, or buddy. Be aware that what you say about a person is more significant than what you do.

If you've ever been in command of a group, tell us about that experience. How did you overcome these difficulties?

Your heroic efforts to save the team aren't what the committee is interested in seeing (so put yourself on ego alert). They need to understand how you helped create an environment where everyone contributes, demonstrating that the sum is greater than the parts of the whole. Business schools want leaders who can bring people together and find a solution as a team.

To correctly answer this question, you'll need to adjust your thinking. "Me-me-me" is a common theme throughout the application process so far. The "we" and how you brought about the "we" must now be at the forefront of your narrative.

Students at our business school come from all around the world. Describe the type of part you envision for yourself in this scenario.

For the admissions committee, this essay focuses on two questions: (1) how do you plan to strengthen the student body at this school, and (2) how do you view diversity?

There are numerous forms of diversity. If a family member is an immigrant, you can discuss how their ideas have influenced your own. You may be the first member of your family to go to college or university. Perhaps you're involved in an unusual or exciting extracurricular activity. Whatever you write, explain how it reflects your distinct viewpoint.

Share a life-changing moment when you overcame a personal obstacle.

Not having a successful start-up or crossing the English Channel doesn't mean you're not capable of great things. It's OK to be proud of more minor, more meaningful successes if they show a person's character, sacrifice, humility, commitment, or perseverance. A well-written essay explains how and why you achieved a particular goal in your life. It's possible that you didn't lead a sports team to victory. You were selected to the group may have counted as a victory.

Describe a failure you've had in your life that wasn't academic. What did you take away from it?

Instead of giving a failure, many applicants give an overly optimistic response to this question. Or they don't answer the question at all because they're afraid that admitting failure will jeopardize their entire campaign. Don't try to improvise. To get the committee to accept your explanation, you should make an honest mistake.

Describe a failure that had a significant impact on your life and write about how it affected you. What you've learned and grown through your mistakes should be on display. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your honesty, accountability, and willingness to face your failures head-on in business schools.

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