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ECE Department

List of Teaching Faculty Members

S.No. Name Designation Qualification Experience
1MS. S.N.LALITHA PARAMESWARIProfessor ( HoD ) B.E.,M.E.15 years 6 months
2Dr. S. ANAND MANIVANNAN Professor B.E. M.S. Ph.D.13 years
3MR. M.KUMAR Professor B.E.,M.E.,(Ph.D)14 years 9 months
4MR. M.VINOTH Associate Professor B.E.,M.E.9 years 9 months
5MR. P.SELVAN Associate Professor B.E.,M.E.8 years 10 months
6MS. G.DHIVYA Assistant Professor B.E.,M.E.0 years 5 months
7MS. G.S.SUMA Assistant Professor B.Tech,M.Tech2 years 8 months
8MR. S.T.P.SENTHIL KUMAR Assistant Professor B.E., ,M.Tech7 years
9MS. S.GAYATHRI Assistant Professor B.E.,M.E.1 years 8 months
10MRS.G.S.SUMA Assistant Professor B.E.,M.E.8 years
11MS.J.MANONMANI Assistant Professor B.E.,M.E.1 Year
12MS.V.PRITHA Assistant Professor B.E.,M.E.0 years 7 Months
13MR.M.MOHANRAJ Assistant Professor B.E.,M.E.3 Years
14MRS.G.PRIYA Assistant Professor B.E.,M.E.4 Years

List of Non Teaching Faculty Members

S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1MR. R.ARAVINDLab InstructorDECE