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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Department Laboratory

The department possesses the most advanced equipment in its laboratories. It also provides opportunities to grow and excel in the technical world by conducting regular workshops and programs in various fields. The department is highly active in research work in the fields of broadband communications, VLSI Design, image processing etc.

Our vision is to prepare the students to adapt to the fast changing global advancements made in the field of communication by educating them to become exemplary professionals with high ethics and a sense of research orientation. The students are provided adequate training in the field of signal processing, image processing and digital communication. Students are highly motivated to attend in-plant training in some of the most prestigious organizations during their time with the institution.

List of Laboratories in the Department

1)Digital Lab

2)Micro Processor Lab

3)Digital Signal Processing Lab

4)VLSI Lab

5)Optical Lab

6)Research Lab

7)Communication Lab

Chettinad Group