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MECH -Seminar And Workshop Details

S.No Faculty Name Title year
1Mr. K.Rajasekar . Human -powered swing generator by using slider and roller mechanism 2017
2Mr. M.Chandrasekar Smart 2017
3Mr. K.Rajasekar Metallic sandwich thermal protection system 2015
4Mr. K.Rajasekar Design and Analysis of Triple tubeDesign and Analysis of Triple tube heat exchanger with fins 2014
5Mr. K.Rajasekar Fluid Mechanics and Machinery 2014
6Mr. M.Gunashankar Recent Trends In Automobile 2014
7Mr. K.Rajasekar Nano Technology 2013
8Mr. M.Gunashankar Gas Dynamics and Jet propulsion 2013
9Mr. A.Akbarali Renewable 2013
10Mr. A.Akbarali Friction 2013
11Mr. A.Akbarali Recent Advances In Modeling And Simulation Of Joining Of Materials 2013
12Mr. A.Akbarali Nano 2013
13Mr. A.Akbarali Latest 2013
14Mr. A.Akbarali Faculty Program 2013
15Mr. B.Balasubramanian Computing Techniques for Manufacturing Systems 2012
16Mr. M.Gunashankar Finite Element Methods and Practical Stress Analysis 2011
17Mr. B.Balasubramanian Automotive and Engine Design 2010
18Mr. K.Rajasekar Research Methodology 2010
19Mr. B.Balasubramanian Production of Liquid Fuels From Waste by Pyrolysis 2009

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