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EEE -Seminar And Workshop Details

S.No Faculty Name Title year
1Mr. P.Elamurugan One Day orientation Programme for NSS Programme officers 2017
2Ms. A.Bhuvaneswari Know to Know 2015
3Mr. P.Elamurugan Leadership and softskills 2015
4Mr. V.Anandhkumar Workshop on Energy auditing 2013
5Mr. P.Elamurugan Modelling and Simulation Using MATLAB 2013
6Mr. P.Elamurugan One Week orientation Programme for NSS Programme officers 2013
7Mr. M.Satheesh kumar NPTEL Workshop on Technology Enhanced Learning 2013
8Mr. P.Elamurugan Process Automation Using Distributed control systems 2012
9Mr. P.Pandi DRDO sponsored FDP on Recent trends in solar cell 2012
10Mr. M.Satheesh kumar Certified PLC Programmer Training 2012
11Mr. P.Elamurugan Intelligent control systems Using Labview 2011
12Mr. V.Anandhkumar Electronic Circuit Design 2011
13Mr. P.Elamurugan Digital Video Processing 2011
14Mr. M.Satheesh kumar Autonomous Robotics Workshop 2011
15Mr. P.Elamurugan Tutorial on Advanced Automation 2010
16Mr. P.Elamurugan Recent Trends in Sensor Technology 2010
17Mr. M.Satheesh kumar Practical Details of Electrical Power Systems 2010
18Mr. M.Satheesh kumar Current Trends in Industrial Drives 2009
19Mr. P.Elamurugan Industrial Automation 2008
20Mr. M.Satheesh kumar PIC16F877A Microcontroller and its Applications 2008

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