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ECE -Seminar And Workshop Details

S.No Faculty Name Title year
1Mr. P.Selvan Team Building 2016
2Mr. M.Kumar Digital Signal Processing theory and practice 2011
3Mr. M.Kumar MATLAB based soft signals analysis and training 2011
4Mr. M.Kumar Autonomous Robotics 2011
5Mr. M.Kumar Mission 10x 2011
6Mr. M.Vinoth candance workshop 2011
7Mr. M.Kumar Test and measuring educational training equipments 2008
8Mr. M.Kumar MATLAB, SIMULINK and Signal Processing 2008
9Mr. M.Kumar Digital Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Applications 2008
10Mr. M.Kumar Instructional design and delivery 2007
11Mr. M.Kumar Effective teaching – learning management and student personnel management 2005

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