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CSE -Seminar And Workshop Details

S.No Faculty Name Title year
1Dr. A. Punitha NBA Workshop Nov 2015
2Dr. A. Punitha Lecture on How to do a good Ph.d. Thesis 23-24 Nove
3Mr. M. Saravana karthikeyan Python Programming 2017
4Ms. C.Sangeetha Hands on Workshop on Python Programming 2017
5Dr. A. Punitha NPTEL Workshop 2013
6Dr. A. Punitha Analog & digital IC Design using Cadence Tools 2013
7Dr. A. Punitha Grid Computing 2008
8Dr. A. Punitha Network and Networking Simulators 2007
9Mr. S. Sakthi National level workshop on Advanced Image Processing and Data Mining Applications 19th Aug 2
10Mr. S. Sakthi AICTE sponsored seminar on Software Testing 19th -20th
11Mr. S. Sakthi Five days Staff Development Workshop by MISSION-1OX 12.11.2011
12Mr. S. Sakthi Multicore Workshop 11th Nov 2
13Dr. A. Punitha Free Open Source Software (FOSS) and its Applications in Research and Development 11 and 12
14Mr. S. Sakthi Staff Development Workshop on DotNet Technology 06.04.2009
15Mr. S. Sakthi AICTE 03.08.07 &

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