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CSE - Research Details

S.No. Faculty Name Research Topic Research Area / Summary
1Mr. S. Sakthi vinayagam Identity Based Encryption in Wireless P2P Network Network Security
2Mr. R. Rajkumar A Novel - Automatic and Enforceable Auditing Mechanism for Data Sharing in Cloud In Cloud, the users data are manipulated remotely by an unknown machines, that users do not own or operate.While using this new emerging technology, the user start to worry, due to losing control of their own data.To address this problem, proposing a secure Adaptive Privacy Policy Prediction (A3P) and decentralized Cloud Information Accountability (CIA) for data accessing and sharing in cloud.In this technique, keep track of the actual usages of data in transparent and track able in cloud with an efficient automatic enforceable auditing mechanism.

Chettinad Group