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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

About Department

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) blossomed in the year 2007 with an intake of 60 students. The department is equipped with a team of well qualified and experienced faculty to improve and enrich the knowledge of the student community.

The department has excellent computing facilities which includes Intel® Core™ i5 processor with 4 GB RAM, scanners, high end servers, laser printers etc. with round the clock internet connectivity at the speed of 50 mbps. The theoretical knowledge of students is augmented with hands on training that enable them to assemble computers, interface with peripheral devices and troubleshoot. The department is committed to developing quality computer engineers and strives for excellence. The department has signed MOUs with companies such as Oracle, IBM and Cisco. The objective of these MOUs is to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Every year the industry recognizes the departments outstanding students by giving the "Best Student" and "Best Project" awards.


To be a renowned organization in engineering education and research with the aim of uplift society.


i)Provide quality undergraduate and graduate education in both theoretical and applied foundations of computer science and train students to effectively apply this education to solve real-world problems thus amplifying their potential for lifelong high−quality careers and give them a competitive advantage in the ever-changing and challenging global work environment of the 21st century

ii)Conduct research to create advancements in the computer science stream and integrate research results and innovations into other scientific disciplines

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