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Department of Master of Business Administration

About the Department

The Learning Centre of our department stands as an epitome of intellectual elegance and a repository of technical education, in particular, engineering and technology. It plays a pivotal role in the process of promoting and demonstrating a desire for information, knowledge, and understanding among the students, and aides them in the development of their professional and personal lives. The Learning Centre inspires and supports students, faculty, researchers, and staff in all facets of their pursuits to dream, learn, create and share knowledge. It provides access to a wide array of technical ideas and information. Relying on its highly skilled staff, the Learning Centre encourages innovation, capitalises on appropriate technologies, forges effective partnerships, and unequivocally promotes excellence among the students. The Learning Centre provides an ambience conducive for the teaching and learning process with the support of 550 volumes of text and reference books with RFID based Library Management System.

Some important titles in the department library



3)Human Resource



6)Basic of Computer

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